Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cake Pop Toppers for Mikaela


Later today, my hubby and I get to go to a birthday party! Marita's daughter Mikaela is celebrating her 5th birthday. And the birthday girl has requested everyone to Think Pink this year! Now, how to break it to my husband that we have to wear something pink to the party. Hmm, wish me luck! hehe. Oh! and did I mention that Barbie will be there? Stay tuned for more pictures of the party. I'm sure they will be amazing because my friend Marita is so talented and creative! I can't wait to see how she decked out Mikaela's party :)

I did offer to help out and here are the cake pop toppers that I made for the birthday girl. And they go with the whole Barbie theme.

Don't you just love the silhouette of Barbie? I know I do, but I'm a big fan of silhouetted pictures. And here is a close up of the cake pop topper.

They were so fun and easy to make. I love punches and I went punch happy when making these. I printed out the image that Marita gave me, punched it out, then punched out a pink piece of paper, then punched out the black, put them all together, then punched a couple of holes to stick the cake pop stick through and viola! You have cake pop toppers! I hope Marita and Mikaela like them :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Saturday!

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  1. Mikaela LOVES everything!! Thank you, THANK YOU for all you've done. She's also VERY happy with her Hello Kitty Jewelry making kit! You are so talented.


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