Thursday, November 8, 2012

Captain America Goodie Bags & Favors

Hey everyone! Sorry, for those who visited today and all you saw were pictures. Silly me forgot to write a little something to go with what I'm sharing with you today! Here are the favors that I made for the adults for my nephew's birthday party. I totally lucked out when I saw these at the Dollar Tree of all places! They are star shaped glass tea light holders. Perfect for a Captain America themed party, don't you think? I added a red tea light, a Captain America shield made with MDS2, and tied it all together with blue and white ribbon :)

Here are the goodie bags with all the prizes from our "Who Knows Joshua Best" game. This year, I saved some trees and just yelled out the questions and gave the prize to the first person with the right answer. Let me tell you, people got so competitive this way! hehehehe. But it was fun :)

I also used MDS2 to make these water bottle wraps. So easy and so fun and adds that little extra touch.

And here are the goodie bags for the kiddies. All boys this time around so I went with blue bags (even though blue isn't just for boys since it's my favorite color). Used MDS2 again for the shields, grabbed some blue & red curling ribbon and stuffed the bags with some fun Captain America themed goodies. The kids seemed to enjoy them :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone :)

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